2019: my 3-to-do’s

Looking for this year’s purposes, I pay attention to the gaps rather to the wishes. In my case, the gaps are those things that are not really new, but well-known stuff that is commonly little exercised or perhaps even forgotten.

The more I learn, the more convinced I am that the knowledge is circular. It goes and comes. However with new clothes and different names. Just reading Cicero or Aristotle is enough to understand that the cornerstones of a humanistic management were set thousands of years time. We need just to find the right words for our days. However, this apparent accessibility to the classic sapience at the same time is the biggest temptation. If you think you already have it, it might cancel your hunger for learning, your passion and even your humility. Therefore my three to-do’s for 2019 are old-new things that I want to bring back to the frontline: Sigue leyendo 2019: my 3-to-do’s