Whom to serve?

Some days ago I read a shared article in LinkedIn about humble leadership. I was happy to see how the understanding, what is leadership all about, is spreading more and more:  a way to serve. And if you are managing people, the only destination of the service is the people you are dealing with.

It’s the people, stupid! rephrasing Bill Clinton’s popular quote.

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the leader and the hiker

Within four days Spain has shown best and worst of elite sport. Last Sunday Rafael Nadal won in Paris his 11th Roland Garros title, crying again (and again) when receiving the musketeer trophy and hearing the National Athem. Key of this astonishing success: humility, constancy, commitment.

Some days later, the national football trainer, Julen Lopetegui was fired after a press release from Real Madrid reporting an agreement with him after World Cup. This came only some weeks after Lopetegui had extended his contract with the Spanish National Team until 2020. It is clear his career orientation and he did not want to miss the chance of being the coach of the world’s best football team. However such a move, having built up a (winning?) team only some hours prior to the start of the World Cup in Russia, it is a lack of commitment and professionalism to his team, to his employer and to the Spaniards.

As Real Madrid supporter, I do not like to have as team chief a guy who is not committed, even if a winner (?). As several times heard: if you are on the top of a mountain, you are not a leader; you are a hiker. Nadal has not been nothing else than a hiker his whole life, therefore his natural leadership. Lopetegui is moving from peak to peak just flying from Moscow to Madrid.