In 2019 I was in Barcelona and phoned with my wife exhausted with a crying six-months old baby girl and another little girl screaming in the background. She was on the front line of a family crisis. And she was alone.

I was about to start an executive program at IESE and I learnt many and good things about business, leadership, people and crisis. Julia had to learn many of those things by herself and the hard way.

Finishing her second maternity leave, when we were updating her CV for the job comeback, we thought of functions and responsibilities she exercised in those 3 years of “vacuum”: P&L responsible, director of operations, head of purchasing, people manager. A real CFO aka Chief Family Officer.

She came back to work on March 16th 2020. On the first day of the first lockdown. Right on spot for dealing with the craziness of an info point that the Comercial Chamber had established for helping companies to go through the crisis. With two girls at home and a husband fully absorbed in his own crisis.

Today she is being promoted. While being full-time CFO.

My admiration to you Julia. As wife and mother, coach and bookkeeper, jurist and team leader. You are an inspiration for our family. And for many women that decide for the full experience in family and do not refuse to leave a positive mark in the professional world.