LaaS: learning as a service

Almost at the end of IESE’s Program for Management Development in Munich, the topic of learning as a non-stop undertaking comes often to my mind. At different ages and at different life’s stages. Because education -even in the executive framework- implies the recognition of a gap. Those gaps are in every person, everywhere, every time. No one possesses the whole, even if we long for the whole. That is the key of staying on the way to learn. Because that longing keeps us hungry of something new. Even if it costs. Sometimes a lot.

Herrera Oria used to say that the leader can only be fruitful after a solid education that per se is «long, costly and difficult». That means that training is something consubstancial to life; but only if it is seen as something more than a mere instrument for reaching a target. Learning for the sake of learning is exactly what makes learning a lifelong-task. The rest is pure instrumentalism that will cease when hitting the target. Of course that does not imply always a structured and full-timed education. Because the learning sources are so vary as life itself: from very own experience to self-teaching. What makes the difference is the open attitude, the eagerness to acquire more and better knowledge with the final purpose to put that knowledge as a service to others.

IESE has a unique education model for leaders and executives. A model ranked by the Financial Times as number one in the world, the fifth year in a row. A way of teaching that keeps awake the here-and-now while dreaming the future-and-beyond, by fostering hunger for learning in a world to be changed. A real lifelong endeavour.