Cut the edge! Forgive!

Happy ends come only after miserable presents. To arrive there, sometimes you have to live the unthinkable. Therefore when you have (been) hurt, the healthiest thing to do is to forgive or to ask for forgiveness. This is valid everywhere, in working and private life. Within every organisation, from a family to a company. Between friends and partners.

When someone asks for forgiveness, states that (s)he did wrong. And this is nothing odd, but reality. I can speak at least for myself. On the other way around, forgiving requires even higher virtue if the pain is deep. I would say that it is antinatural because it contradicts our instincts.

These two simples poles are the core message of new Cotelo’s film «The Greatest Gift». A remembrance that the little gesture of forgiveness can change the whole life. I encourage you to watch it and take the challenge. In your context, in your life, in your own history. Forgiveness is truly a revolutionary tool!

The Greatest Gift is in theaters of 33 countries. Support it here:


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