Whom to serve?

Some days ago I read a shared article in LinkedIn about humble leadership. I was happy to see how the understanding, what is leadership all about, is spreading more and more:  a way to serve. And if you are managing people, the only destination of the service is the people you are dealing with.

It’s the people, stupid! rephrasing Bill Clinton’s popular quote.

Servant leadership is not a trend, a possibility or a concept; it is the only way to live leadership. If the people, your people are not the focal point of your management duties; you are automatically loosing the ground for planting something firmly rooted, sustainable and beautiful. Walking around the forest, you realize that the biggest trees are those which have the deepest roots. Therefore ask yourself how your team can grow if it did not grow down before. Sap of those roots are the human relationships.

Human relationships are fundamental for every joint work. And those become a key factor when putting different talents working together for a common goal. The way is leading people but serving humans. Just two faces of the same humble duty.

Photo: Detail of the funerary monument to Maria Cristina d'Austria (1798-1805) in the Augustinerkiche in Vienna (c) G. Moreno