Learning with pain

Being in Crete, it can’t be avoided to draw some thoughts from Greek philosophers who are anyways father thinkers of our Western Civilization.

Aristotle used to say: “learning is not child’s play; we cannot learn without pain”.

Because the learning process goes beyond the theoretical learning that might be dominant in the ancient. Nowadays we know that learning has pretty much to do with the praxis, treating with realities and dealing with people. This practical learning requires not only a good intellectual background but also an extraordinary emotional self-steering and social competence.When we prepare development paths for talented team members who hide a high potential, we can’t forget such a wise principle. First, because the real, deep and consistent learning can’t be just covered with a brilliant talent. And second, because the learning process is long, costly and difficult. Therefore, when someone is performing good and not in only one task but in many, and not only at one moment, but constantly; try to dig in the learning process behind it. Typically, you will find fails, disappointments, mismatching and hard work. Just pains in Aristotle’s words.