loving what you do

There are so many ways of facing the professional work as people exists. No question that working is a essential part of our life. Out of 168 hours a week, we sleep 56, work between 35 and 40 (just considering the legal minimum) and the rest (taking out in-between-moments) is for everything else and typically most important: kids and family, sport and leisure, praying, reading and life planning (this is becoming more and more time consuming). Therefore, it is really essential how we stay in our job. It makes a huge difference for yourself if it is (just) a mean of getting money or you are able to get more out of it. And this attitude is nothing given by chance but a new task itself. Being able to reach that enjoying-your-job state is something you have to fight hard for. But when you are there, you will discover that you love what you do. And it is not only for you but also for the others. Because when you have found your place, you work harder and perform better. And this is something that is helping, beyond yourself, also your family, your team and your company.

The exogenous factors (your boss, your colleagues, company culture and nature of your tasks) are always there but, do not forget that the same factors are in all the jobs, in all levels and in all private or public companies. And some people manage to work as gift. And to get paid for it.

It seems to be by Confucius the quote: «Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life«. That is what is everything about.